What is coaching?

Leadership can be cultivated, taught, or naturally interwoven into our DNA, but it’s always best served with humility. That’s why the Leadership Coaching Network was created. If you’re looking for leadership coaching and one-on-one connectivity in developing your skills and ability to lead, we have plans available for you and may be able to customize one to fit your needs and schedule.

Meet your coach

Emerging from the culinary arts field as a restaurant owner and executive chef (noticed by the Food Network), Matt understands how to integrate faith within the business world and develop leaders.

Years later, feeling compassion to help men struggling with discipleship and life issues, he founded the non-profit ministry, Job 31 Ministries.

Matt is married, has three beautiful daughters and has authored multiple books. He has served in pastoral ministry for over a decade, in many areas, including church planting, evangelism, and currently as a revitalization pastor at Oak Hall Baptist near Richmond, Virginia.

Matt is an advocate board member for Living Bread Ministries (LBM), a global comprehensive Church Planting organization that helps the global poor. LBM reaches the slums of the world and assists people in breaking the chains of poverty by providing the working skills needed to become independent.

Matt’s also the Director of Operations for New Breed Church Planting and co-founder of a collaborative church planting and revitalization initiative called Planting RVA, in Richmond, Virginia.

Matt frequently writes about leadership, church planting, revitalization, health, and growth for Church Planter MagazineChurch Central, and Urban Church Planting.

He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Great Commission Leadership at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and also the co-host of the Wretched & Wrecked Podcast.

Leadership Coaching

8 and 10 -month program outline

Includes: Monthly 1 on 1 video coaching calls, free applicational materials, discounted books and products, invested mentoring, and more…(see plans for variations)

Areas of Development: Spiritual growth, accountability, team development, gift recognition and deployment, leadership assessment, goal and task orientation, relationship building, time management and scheduling, individualized skill development.

All coaching calls are personalized and specifically designed for each individual (i.e. pastoral leadership, business leadership, discipleship, church planting/revitalization. The leadership calls are provided via Zoom (video chat).

The Learner

The Learner plan is designed for the individual with a busy schedule and not much time. However, the Learner desires leadership insight, encouragement, and inspiration regarding their current situation. The Learner is developed for the person who cannot commit to two times a month, or ten months. The Learner is for the self-motivated individual devoted to developing by utilizing the monthly sessions. The Learner is willing to invest one hour, once per month.

The Learner is a pay-as-you-go option, $30 per Zoom video call, with 1 personalized call in a specified month.

NOTE: There is no fee for the Zoom set up in any plan (see requirements).

 The Leader

The Leader is a designed plan for the dedicated individual seeking to grow in leadership values, skills, and capabilities. The Leader program is developed to strategically assign tasks (applicational reflection) and receive assessments with a follow-up to target viable goals. The Leader individual commits to an eight-month leadership development program (may be paused, due to unforeseen circumstances, scheduling, business, or other, by either party). Two monthly one-hour Zoom calls are required. The Leader is a $75 per month payment option (due on the 1st of each month) for those committed to leadership development.

The Landlord

The Landlord is distinctly designed for individuals desiring maximum connectivity with a mentor, and others—they choose to “own” their leadership, passionately. The Landlord has all of the perks of the Leader plan, but also utilizes the Voxer App for group and individual mentor–leadership development connectivity. The Landlord plan gives the individual the ability to develop more relationships than with just the mentor—growing with others in reflection and application in the daily rhythms of life.

The Landlord plans provide nearly daily mentor access for questions and prayer. The Landlord option is a one-time fee of $1000.00, or 2 payments of $505.00

Note: If an individual is seeking the Leader option due to finances, but wants to join the Voxer Landlord Leadership group, an additional monthly fee of $40 a month may be added.

Requirements: A set day and time for video calls, access to high-speed Internet, a computer, tablet, or smartphone device, a quiet place for calls, a journal for note taking, a willingness to grow.

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