TGIF: In Conclusion

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, For this is man’s all. For God will bring every work into judgment, Including every secret thing, Whether good or evil.
-Ecclesiastes 12 13:14

Solomon was the wisest man in the Hebrew Scriptures. His beginning as ruler of Israel was miraculous. He asked for wisdom to govern Gods people and God not only granted that request but poured riches beyond measure into his life. The glory of God filled the temple when he dedicated it to the Lord. His presence was so powerful no one could enter the building. Israel was in awe.

People came from far and near to hear the divinely endowed wisdom of Solomon. His reputation spread beyond the borders of Israel into other lands.

BUT….he compromised and slowly drifted into sin.

He had 700 wives and 1000 concubines. In order to please them, he sinned and allowed pagan idols to exist in the temple area defiling Gods holy place of worship. These idols led others in Israel to drift from the one true God into the worship of false gods that the New Testament calls demons.

In the end of his life, he came to the conclusions in vs 13 and 14. Worship God and God alone. Our lives will one day undergo review and judgment and every deed will be exposed to the light of Gods righteous assessment. Nothing will be hidden wither good or evil, done in public or in secret.

Solomon has to answer to God for his end of life compromises. His sins infected Israel and led many to the worship of pagan idols that at its worst, had people offering their own children as sacrifices to these false demonic gods.

If he had only headed his own advice and stayed the course of worshipping and obeying God and only God. How much better things would have been for he, his family and all of Israel.

May God grant us the mercy, grace, and strength to stay true to our Lords words, will and ways until we draw our last breath in this life.

In Jesus name.


Wes Mason

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